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2017 The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Knemometry is more sensitive to systemic effects of inhaled corticosteroids in children with asthma than 24-hour urine cortisol excretion Chawes, B.; Nilsson, E.; Norgaard, S.; Dossing, A.; Mortensen, L.; Bisgaard, H. 140 431-436 details   doi
2017 Allergy Allergic Sensitization at School Age is a Systemic Low-grade Inflammatory Disorder Chawes, B.L.; Stokholm, J.; Schoos, A.-M.M.; Rahman, N.; Brix, S.; Bisgaard, H. 72 1073-1080 details   doi
2017 Scientific Reports A functional IFN-lambda4-generating DNA polymorphism could protect older asthmatic women from aeroallergen sensitization and associate with clinical features of asthma Chinnaswamy, S.; Wardzynska, A.; Pawelczyk, M.; Makowska, J.; Skaaby, T.; Mercader, J.M.; Ahluwalia, T.S.; Grarup, N.; Guindo-Martinez, M.; Bisgaard, H.; Torrents, D.; Linneberg, A.; Bonnelykke, K.; Kowalski, M.L. 7 10500 details   doi
2017 Pharmacogenomics Rationale and design of the multiethnic Pharmacogenomics in Childhood Asthma consortium Farzan, N.; Vijverberg, S.J.; Andiappan, A.K.; Arianto, L.; Berce, V.; Blanca-Lopez, N.; Bisgaard, H.; Bonnelykke, K.; Burchard, E.G.; Campo, P.; Canino, G.; Carleton, B.; Celedon, J.C.; Chew, F.T.; Chiang, W.C.; Cloutier, M.M.; Daley, D.; Den Dekker, H.T.; Dijk, N.F.; Duijts, L.; Flores, C.; Forno, E.; Hawcutt, D.B.; Hernandez-Pacheco, N.; de Jongste, J.C.; Kabesch, M.; Koppelman, G.H.; Manolopoulos, V.G.; Melen, E.; Mukhopadhyay, S.; Nilsson, S.; Palmer, C.N.; Pino-Yanes, M.; Pirmohamed, M.; Potocnki, U.; Raaijmakers, J.A.; Repnik, K.; Schieck, M.; Sio, Y.Y.; Smyth, R.L.; Szalai, C.; Tantisira, K.G.; Turner, S.; van der Schee, M.P.; Verhamme, K.M.; Maitland-van der Zee, A.H. details   doi
2017 The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology In utero exposure to 25-hydroxyvitamin D and risk of childhood asthma, wheeze, and respiratory tract infections: A meta-analysis of birth cohort studies Feng, H.; Xun, P.; Pike, K.; Wills, A.K.; Chawes, B.L.; Bisgaard, H.; Cai, W.; Wan, Y.; He, K. 139 1508+1517 details   doi
2017 The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Pathway discovery using transcriptomic profiles in adult-onset severe asthma Hekking, P.-P.; Loza, M.J.; Pavlidis, S.; de Meulder, B.; Lefaudeux, D.; Baribaud, F.; Auffray, C.; Wagener, A.H.; Brinkman, P.I.; Lutter, R.I.; Bansal, A.T.; Sousa, A.R.; Bates, S.A.; Pandis, Y.; Fleming, L.J.; Shaw, D.E.; Fowler, S.J.; Guo, Y.; Meiser, A.; Sun, K.; Corfield, J.; Howarth, P.H.; Bel, E.H.; Adcock, I.M.; Chung, K.F.; Djukanovic, R.; Sterk, P.J. details   doi
2017 The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology CDHR3 gene variation and childhood bronchiolitis Husby, A.; Pasanen, A.; Waage, J.; Sevelsted, A.; Hodemaekers, H.; Janssen, R.; Karjalainen, M.K.; Stokholm, J.; Chawes, B.L.; Korppi, M.; Wennergren, G.; Heinzmann, A.; Bont, L.; Bisgaard, H.; Bonnelykke, K. details   doi
2017 The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Shared genetic variants suggest common pathways in allergy and autoimmune diseases Kreiner, E.; Waage, J.; Standl, M.; Brix, S.; Pers, T.H.; Couto Alves, A.; Warrington, N.M.; Tiesler, C.M.T.; Fuertes, E.; Franke, L.; Hirschhorn, J.N.; James, A.; Simpson, A.; Tung, J.Y.; Koppelman, G.H.; Postma, D.S.; Pennell, C.E.; Jarvelin, M.-R.; Custovic, A.; Timpson, N.; Ferreira, M.A.; Strachan, D.P.; Henderson, J.; Hinds, D.; Bisgaard, H.; Bonnelykke, K. details   doi
2017 The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology U-BIOPRED clinical adult asthma clusters linked to a subset of sputum omics Lefaudeux, D.; De Meulder, B.; Loza, M.J.; Peffer, N.; Rowe, A.; Baribaud, F.; Bansal, A.T.; Lutter, R.; Sousa, A.R.; Corfield, J.; Pandis, I.; Bakke, P.S.; Caruso, M.; Chanez, P.; Dahlen, S.-E.; Fleming, L.J.; Fowler, S.J.; Horvath, I.; Krug, N.; Montuschi, P.; Sanak, M.; Sandstrom, T.; Shaw, D.E.; Singer, F.; Sterk, P.J.; Roberts, G.; Adcock, I.M.; Djukanovic, R.; Auffray, C.; Chung, K.F. 139 1797-1807 details   doi
2017 Nature Communications Bivariate genome-wide association meta-analysis of pediatric musculoskeletal traits reveals pleiotropic effects at the SREBF1/TOM1L2 locus Medina-Gomez, C.; Kemp, J.P.; Dimou, N.L.; Kreiner, E.; Chesi, A.; Zemel, B.S.; Bonnelykke, K.; Boer, C.G.; Ahluwalia, T.S.; Bisgaard, H.; Evangelou, E.; Heppe, D.H.M.; Bonewald, L.F.; Gorski, J.P.; Ghanbari, M.; Demissie, S.; Duque, G.; Maurano, M.T.; Kiel, D.P.; Hsu, Y.-H.; C J van der Eerden, B.; Ackert-Bicknell, C.; Reppe, S.; Gautvik, K.M.; Raastad, T.; Karasik, D.; van de Peppel, J.; Jaddoe, V.W.V.; Uitterlinden, A.G.; Tobias, J.H.; Grant, S.F.A.; Bagos, P.G.; Evans, D.M.; Rivadeneira, F. 8 121 details   doi
2017 The Journal of Pediatrics Antibiotics in Pregnancy Increase Children's Risk of Otitis Media and Ventilation Tubes Pedersen, T.M.; Stokholm, J.; Thorsen, J.; Mora-Jensen, A.-R.C.; Bisgaard, H. 183 153-158.e1 details   doi
2017 The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. In Practice Precision allergy: Separate allergies to male and female dogs Schoos, A.-M.M.; Bonnelykke, K.; Chawes, B.L.; Stokholm, J.; Bisgaard, H.; Kristensen, B. details   doi
2017 The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Sensitization trajectories in childhood revealed by using a cluster analysis Schoos, A.-M.M.; Chawes, B.L.; Melen, E.; Bergstrom, A.; Kull, I.; Wickman, M.; Bonnelykke, K.; Bisgaard, H.; Rasmussen, M.A. details   doi
2017 The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. In Practice FeNO and Exercise Testing in Children at Risk of Asthma Schoos, A.-M.M.; Christiansen, C.F.; Stokholm, J.; Bonnelykke, K.; Bisgaard, H.; Chawes, B.L. details   doi
2017 Scientific Reports Investigating the causal effect of smoking on hay fever and asthma: a Mendelian randomization meta-analysis in the CARTA consortium Skaaby, T.; Taylor, A.E.; Jacobsen, R.K.; Paternoster, L.; Thuesen, B.H.; Ahluwalia, T.S.; Larsen, S.C.; Zhou, A.; Wong, A.; Gabrielsen, M.E.; Bjorngaard, J.H.; Flexeder, C.; Mannisto, S.; Hardy, R.; Kuh, D.; Barry, S.J.; Tang Mollehave, L.; Cerqueira, C.; Friedrich, N.; Bonten, T.N.; Noordam, R.; Mook-Kanamori, D.O.; Taube, C.; Jessen, L.E.; McConnachie, A.; Sattar, N.; Upton, M.N.; McSharry, C.; Bonnelykke, K.; Bisgaard, H.; Schulz, H.; Strauch, K.; Meitinger, T.; Peters, A.; Grallert, H.; Nohr, E.A.; Kivimaki, M.; Kumari, M.; Volker, U.; Nauck, M.; Volzke, H.; Power, C.; Hypponen, E.; Hansen, T.; Jorgensen, T.; Pedersen, O.; Salomaa, V.; Grarup, N.; Langhammer, A.; Romundstad, P.R.; Skorpen, F.; Kaprio, J.; R Munafo, M.; Linneberg, A. 7 2224 details   doi
2017 PLoS Genetics A rare IL33 loss-of-function mutation reduces blood eosinophil counts and protects from asthma Smith, D.; Helgason, H.; Sulem, P.; Bjornsdottir, U.S.; Lim, A.C.; Sveinbjornsson, G.; Hasegawa, H.; Brown, M.; Ketchem, R.R.; Gavala, M.; Garrett, L.; Jonasdottir, A.; Jonasdottir, A.; Sigurdsson, A.; Magnusson, O.T.; Eyjolfsson, G.I.; Olafsson, I.; Onundarson, P.T.; Sigurdardottir, O.; Gislason, D.; Gislason, T.; Ludviksson, B.R.; Ludviksdottir, D.; Boezen, H.M.; Heinzmann, A.; Krueger, M.; Porsbjerg, C.; Ahluwalia, T.S.; Waage, J.; Backer, V.; Deichmann, K.A.; Koppelman, G.H.; Bonnelykke, K.; Bisgaard, H.; Masson, G.; Thorsteinsdottir, U.; Gudbjartsson, D.F.; Johnston, J.A.; Jonsdottir, I.; Stefansson, K. 13 e1006659 details   doi
2017 The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Cat exposure in early life decreases asthma risk from the 17q21 high-risk variant Stokholm, J.; Chawes, B.L.; Vissing, N.; Bonnelykke, K.; Bisgaard, H. details   doi
2017 American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine Preeclampsia Associates with Asthma, Allergy and Eczema in Childhood Stokholm, J.; Sevelsted, A.; Anderson, U.D.; Bisgaard, H. 195 614-621 details   doi
2017 Pediatrics Cesarean Delivery and Body Mass Index at 6 Months and Into Childhood Vinding, R.K.; Sejersen, T.S.; Chawes, B.L.; Bonnelykke, K.; Buhl, T.; Bisgaard, H.; Stokholm, J. 139 details   doi
2017 The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology No evidence of intrauterine sensitization against inhalant allergens Wolsk, H.M.; Andersen, M.R.; Bisgaard, H.; Bonnelykke, K. 140 286-288.e3 details   doi
2017 PloS one Prenatal vitamin D supplementation reduces risk of asthma/recurrent wheeze in early childhood: A combined analysis of two randomized controlled trials Wolsk, H.M.; Chawes, B.L.; Litonjua, A.A.; Hollis, B.W.; Waage, J.; Stokholm, J.; Bonnelykke, K.; Bisgaard, H.; Weiss, S.T. 12 e0186657 details   doi
2017 Journal of Visualized Experiments : JoVE Noninvasive Sampling of Mucosal Lining Fluid for the Quantification of In Vivo Upper Airway Immune-mediator Levels Wolsk, H.M.; Chawes, B.L.; Thorsen, J.; Stokholm, J.; Bonnelykke, K.; Brix, S.; Bisgaard, H. details   doi
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