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2010 The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Long-term studies of the natural history of asthma in childhood Bisgaard, H.; Bonnelykke, K. 126 187-97; quiz 198-9 details   doi
2010 BMJ Association of bacteria and viruses with wheezy episodes in young children: prospective birth cohort study Bisgaard, H.; Hermansen, M.N.; Bonnelykke, K.; Stokholm, J.; Baty, F.; Skytt, N.L.; Aniscenko, J.; Kebadze, T.; Johnston, S.L. 341 c4978 details   url
2010 The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Transfer of maternal IgE can be a common cause of increased IgE levels in cord blood Bonnelykke, K.; Pipper, C.B.; Bisgaard, H. 126 657-663 details   doi
2010 Pediatric Allergy and Immunology Filaggrin gene variants and atopic diseases in early childhood assessed longitudinally from birth Bonnelykke, K.; Pipper, C.B.; Tavendale, R.; Palmer, C.N.A.; Bisgaard, H. 21 954-961 details   doi
2010 The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Physical activity in young children is reduced with increasing bronchial responsiveness Brasholt, M.; Baty, F.; Bisgaard, H. 125 1007-1012 details   doi
2010 The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Children with allergic and nonallergic rhinitis have a similar risk of asthma Chawes, B.L.K.; Bonnelykke, K.; Kreiner-Moller, E.; Bisgaard, H. 126 567-73.e1-8 details   doi
2010 American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine Elevated exhaled nitric oxide in high-risk neonates precedes transient early but not persistent wheeze Chawes, B.L.K.; Buchvald, F.; Bischoff, A.L.; Loland, L.; Hermansen, M.; Halkjaer, L.B.; Bonnelykke, K.; Bisgaard, H. 182 138-142 details   doi
2010 The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology A novel method for assessing unchallenged levels of mediators in nasal epithelial lining fluid Chawes, B.L.K.; Edwards, M.J.; Shamji, B.; Walker, C.; Nicholson, G.C.; Tan, A.J.; Folsgaard, N.V.; Bonnelykke, K.; Bisgaard, H.; Hansel, T.T. 125 1387-1389.e3 details   doi
2010 Chest Upper and lower airway patency are associated in young children Chawes, B.L.K.; Kreiner-Moller, E.; Bisgaard, H. 137 1332-1337 details   doi
2010 The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology Increased risk of eczema but reduced risk of early wheezy disorder from exclusive breast-feeding in high-risk infants Giwercman, C.; Halkjaer, L.B.; Jensen, S.M.; Bonnelykke, K.; Lauritzen, L.; Bisgaard, H. 125 866-871 details   doi
2010 Thorax Birth weight and risk of asthma in 3-9-year-old twins: exploring the fetal origins hypothesis Kindlund, K.; Thomsen, S.F.; Stensballe, L.G.; Skytthe, A.; Kyvik, K.O.; Backer, V.; Bisgaard, H. 65 146-149 details   doi
2010 Chest Causal direction between respiratory syncytial virus bronchiolitis and asthma studied in monozygotic twins Poorisrisak, P.; Halkjaer, L.B.; Thomsen, S.F.; Stensballe, L.G.; Kyvik, K.O.; Skytthe, A.; Schioetz, P.O.; Bisgaard, H. 138 338-344 details   doi
2010 Indoor air Long-term exposure to indoor air pollution and wheezing symptoms in infants Raaschou-Nielsen, O.; Hermansen, M.N.; Loland, L.; Buchvald, F.; Pipper, C.B.; Sorensen, M.; Loft, S.; Bisgaard, H. 20 159-167 details   doi
2010 The New England Journal of Medicine Variants of DENND1B associated with asthma in children Sleiman, P.M.A.; Flory, J.; Imielinski, M.; Bradfield, J.P.; Annaiah, K.; Willis-Owen, S.A.G.; Wang, K.; Rafaels, N.M.; Michel, S.; Bonnelykke, K.; Zhang, H.; Kim, C.E.; Frackelton, E.C.; Glessner, J.T.; Hou, C.; Otieno, F.G.; Santa, E.; Thomas, K.; Smith, R.M.; Glaberson, W.R.; Garris, M.; Chiavacci, R.M.; Beaty, T.H.; Ruczinski, I.; Orange, J.S.; Allen, J.; Spergel, J.M.; Grundmeier, R.; Mathias, R.A.; Christie, J.D.; von Mutius, E.; Cookson, W.O.C.; Kabesch, M.; Moffatt, M.F.; Grunstein, M.M.; Barnes, K.C.; Devoto, M.; Magnusson, M.; Li, H.; Grant, S.F.A.; Bisgaard, H.; Hakonarson, H. 362 36-44 details   doi
2010 The European Respiratory Journal Respiratory medicines for children: current evidence, unlicensed use and research priorities Smyth, A.R.; Barbato, A.; Beydon, N.; Bisgaard, H.; de Boeck, K.; Brand, P.; Bush, A.; Fauroux, B.; de Jongste, J.; Korppi, M.; O'Callaghan, C.; Pijnenburg, M.; Ratjen, F.; Southern, K.; Spencer, D.; Thomson, A.; Vyas, H.; Warris, A.; Merkus, P.J. 35 247-265 details   doi
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