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2015 Pediatric Pulmonology DENND1B gene variants associate with elevated exhaled nitric oxide in healthy high-risk neonates Chawes, B.L.K.; Bischoff, A.L.; Kreiner-Moller, E.; Buchvald, F.; Hakonarson, H.; Bisgaard, H. 50 109-117 details   doi
2009 Pediatric Pulmonology Safety and tolerability of montelukast in placebo-controlled pediatric studies and their open-label extensions Bisgaard, H.; Skoner, D.; Boza, M.L.; Tozzi, C.A.; Newcomb, K.; Reiss, T.F.; Knorr, B.; Noonan, G. 44 568-579 details   doi
2008 Pediatric Pulmonology Lung function and bronchial responsiveness after Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection in early childhood Kjaer, B.B.; Jensen, J.S.; Nielsen, K.G.; Fomsgaard, A.; Bottiger, B.; Dohn, B.; Bisgaard, H. 43 567-575 details   doi
2007 Pediatric Pulmonology Prevalence of asthma-like symptoms in young children Bisgaard, H.; Szefler, S. 42 723-728 details   doi
2005 Pediatric Pulmonology Validation of a pediatric caregiver diary to measure symptoms of postacute respiratory syncytial virus bronchiolitis Santanello, N.C.; Norquist, J.M.; Nelsen, L.M.; Williams, V.S.L.; Hill, C.D.; Bisgaard, H. 40 31-38 details   doi
2003 Pediatric Pulmonology Effect of long-acting beta2 agonists on exacerbation rates of asthma in children Bisgaard, H. 36 391-398 details   doi
2000 Pediatric Pulmonology Long-acting beta(2)-agonists in management of childhood asthma: A critical review of the literature Bisgaard, H. 29 221-234 details   url
2000 Pediatric Pulmonology Role of leukotrienes in asthma pathophysiology Bisgaard, H. 30 166-176 details   url
1999 Pediatric Pulmonology Towards improved aerosol devices for the young child Bisgaard, H. 18 78 details   url
1999 Pediatric Pulmonology Impact of constant and breath-synchronized nebulization on inhaled mass of nebulized budesonide in infants and children Nikander, K.; Bisgaard, H. 28 187-193 details   url
1998 Pediatric Pulmonology Specific airway resistance, interrupter resistance, and respiratory impedance in healthy children aged 2-7 years Klug, B.; Bisgaard, H. 25 322-331 details   url
1997 Pediatric Pulmonology Demands on spacer devices for young children Bisgaard, H. 16 188-189 details   url
1997 Pediatric Pulmonology Use of inhaled corticosteroids in pediatric asthma Bisgaard, H. 15 27-33 details   url
1997 Pediatric Pulmonology Repeatability of methacholine challenges in 2- to 4-year-old children with asthma, using a new technique for quantitative delivery of aerosol Klug, B.; Bisgaard, H. 23 278-286 details   url
1996 Pediatric Pulmonology Measurement of lung function in awake 2-4-year-old asthmatic children during methacholine challenge and acute asthma: a comparison of the impulse oscillation technique, the interrupter technique, and transcutaneous measurement of oxygen versus whole-body plethysmography Klug, B.; Bisgaard, H. 21 290-300 details   doi
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