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Author Felix, J.F.; Bradfield, J.P.; Monnereau, C.; van der Valk, R.J.P.; Stergiakouli, E.; Chesi, A.; Gaillard, R.; Feenstra, B.; Thiering, E.; Kreiner-Moller, E.; Mahajan, A.; Pitkanen, N.; Joro, R.; Cavadino, A.; Huikari, V.; Franks, S.; Groen-Blokhuis, M.M.; Cousminer, D.L.; Marsh, J.A.; Lehtimaki, T.; Curtin, J.A.; Vioque, J.; Ahluwalia, T.S.; Myhre, R.; Price, T.S.; Vilor-Tejedor, N.; Yengo, L.; Grarup, N.; Ntalla, I.; Ang, W.; Atalay, M.; Bisgaard, H.; Blakemore, A.I.; Bonnefond, A.; Carstensen, L.; Eriksson, J.; Flexeder, C.; Franke, L.; Geller, F.; Geserick, M.; Hartikainen, A.-L.; Haworth, C.M.A.; Hirschhorn, J.N.; Hofman, A.; Holm, J.-C.; Horikoshi, M.; Hottenga, J.J.; Huang, J.; Kadarmideen, H.N.; Kahonen, M.; Kiess, W.; Lakka, H.-M.; Lakka, T.A.; Lewin, A.M.; Liang, L.; Lyytikainen, L.-P.; Ma, B.; Magnus, P.; McCormack, S.E.; McMahon, G.; Mentch, F.D.; Middeldorp, C.M.; Murray, C.S.; Pahkala, K.; Pers, T.H.; Pfaffle, R.; Postma, D.S.; Power, C.; Simpson, A.; Sengpiel, V.; Tiesler, C.M.T.; Torrent, M.; Uitterlinden, A.G.; van Meurs, J.B.; Vinding, R.; Waage, J.; Wardle, J.; Zeggini, E.; Zemel, B.S.; Dedoussis, G.V.; Pedersen, O.; Froguel, P.; Sunyer, J.; Plomin, R.; Jacobsson, B.; Hansen, T.; Gonzalez, J.R.; Custovic, A.; Raitakari, O.T.; Pennell, C.E.; Widen, E.; Boomsma, D.I.; Koppelman, G.H.; Sebert, S.; Jarvelin, M.-R.; Hypponen, E.; McCarthy, M.I.; Lindi, V.; Harri, N.; Korner, A.; Bonnelykke, K.; Heinrich, J.; Melbye, M.; Rivadeneira, F.; Hakonarson, H.; Ring, S.M.; Smith, G.D.; Sorensen, T.I.A.; Timpson, N.J.; Grant, S.F.A.; Jaddoe, V.W.V. url  doi
  Title Genome-wide association analysis identifies three new susceptibility loci for childhood body mass index Type Journal Article
  Year (down) 2016 Publication Human Molecular Genetics Abbreviated Journal Hum Mol Genet  
  Volume 25 Issue 2 Pages 389-403  
  Abstract A large number of genetic loci are associated with adult body mass index. However, the genetics of childhood body mass index are largely unknown. We performed a meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies of childhood body mass index, using sex- and age-adjusted standard deviation scores. We included 35 668 children from 20 studies in the discovery phase and 11 873 children from 13 studies in the replication phase. In total, 15 loci reached genome-wide significance (P-value < 5 x 10(-8)) in the joint discovery and replication analysis, of which 12 are previously identified loci in or close to ADCY3, GNPDA2, TMEM18, SEC16B, FAIM2, FTO, TFAP2B, TNNI3K, MC4R, GPR61, LMX1B and OLFM4 associated with adult body mass index or childhood obesity. We identified three novel loci: rs13253111 near ELP3, rs8092503 near RAB27B and rs13387838 near ADAM23. Per additional risk allele, body mass index increased 0.04 Standard Deviation Score (SDS) [Standard Error (SE) 0.007], 0.05 SDS (SE 0.008) and 0.14 SDS (SE 0.025), for rs13253111, rs8092503 and rs13387838, respectively. A genetic risk score combining all 15 SNPs showed that each additional average risk allele was associated with a 0.073 SDS (SE 0.011, P-value = 3.12 x 10(-10)) increase in childhood body mass index in a population of 1955 children. This risk score explained 2% of the variance in childhood body mass index. This study highlights the shared genetic background between childhood and adult body mass index and adds three novel loci. These loci likely represent age-related differences in strength of the associations with body mass index.  
  Address The Generation R Study Group, Department of Pediatrics, Department of Epidemiology  
  Corporate Author Bone Mineral Density in Childhood Study BMDCS Thesis  
  Impact Factor 06,393 First Author Felix, J.F. Editor  
  Language English Summary Language Original Title  
  Series Editor Series Title Abbreviated Series Title  
  Series Volume Series Issue Senior Author Jaddoe, V.W.V.  
  ISSN 0964-6906 ISBN Medium  
  Area Expedition Conference  
  Notes PMID:26604143 Approved no  
  Call Number Serial 24  
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